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The Cottages at Secret Point
The Owners, Strata Plan KAS2984
Marina Facility Restrictions - Use & Access Rules
(1) Each owner is responsible for ensuring that their respective family members, tenants, guests or visitors comply with the Marina Restrictions.
(2) Any persons who access the wharf and lifts in contravention of the Marina Restrictions, are hereby advised that they do so at their own risk, and neither the Strata Corporation, nor the council or its consultants, shall bear any liability whatsoever for any loss, harm or damage to property, or injury to persons, caused as a result of any person found contravening these rules.
(3) The wharf and boat lifts are private property and for the sole use of the strata lot owners, and those persons occupying their strata lots.
(4) Strata lot owners are responsible for their boat lifts, and for all associated maintenance and insurance. All vessels must be able to present proof of insurance upon request of the strata corporation.
(5) Mooring of boats at the wharf is not permitted and the strata corporation shall not be responsible or liable for any damage or loss sustained to and by any boat.
(6) Each boat owner is responsible for safe mooring of his/her own vessile. If the boat owner is not sure about the proper securing procedure, a professional should be consulted before the boat is placed in the water or secured to the wharf. No Vessel shall be moored so that any part thereof is overhanging that may represent a hazard to traffic or others.
(7) A Vessel approaching, using or leaving the dock shall do so in a cautious and safe manner so as not to create excessive wash or damage to other crafts or strata property. Speed is not to exceed three knots.
(8) There will be no dinghies or other goods and chattels of the Owner or other party left on the dock or in the marina facilities. The dock is to be maintained free and clear at all times of any obstacles such as equipment, dinghy racks, tarps, kayaks, water toys, ski ropes, tables, chairs, hoses or other attachments not permanently affixed and provided by the Strata.
(9) All garbage, recyclables or waste shall be properly wrapped/bagged and removed by the owner, at the owner’s expense.
(10) No glass is permitted on the beach or wharf
(11) No mounting of anything to the wharf without the prior written approval of the strata council.
(12) Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and non compliant swimmers must wear a
life jacket while on the wharf.
(13) No mixing or transferring of petroleum products whatsoever shall be permitted on the wharf.
The storage of inflammable liquids, oil rags, or other hazardous substances, pollutants or waste as defined by the environmental laws applicable in the Province of British Columbia, is prohibited on the wharf. Owners may carry out minor repairs at the lifts, but all litter shall be properly disposed of in accordance with such environmental laws.
(14) In the interest of sanitation, no toilets, sinks, bilges, petroleum hazardous waste or other products shall be discharged while Vessels are in the marina facilities. Absolutely No Sewage or Oil discharge is allowed.
(15) No excessive music or noise is permitted. Please Respect our Resident's and Neighbor's Quiet Enjoyment of their property.
(16) Unsupervised pets are not permitted on the docks and any animal deposits are the responsibility of the animal's owner to clean up. Pets must be leashed or secured by the pet owner.
(17) Boat lifts can not be modified without the written approval of the strata council.
(18) The Insurance & Indemnity bylaws apply to the wharf and all marina facilities.
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